Hardcomics 11 – “The year of the pioneer” by Andreea Chirica. The first graphic novel from Andreea Chirica will be launched on the 30th of September (starting from 7PM) in a setting as bygone as the universe that populates the book. Casa Universitarilor (Dionisie Lupu 46) is a place that has remained unchanged for the last 3 decades: food, ambience and service wise. “The year of the pioneer” – as the original title goes, in English – is a book about one full school year of 7 year old girl in 1986. The book, aside from some untranslatable nouns in Romanian is entirely texted in English. It is a black and white half biographical comic strip, half painted documentary, featuring the key elements of every childhood that took place in the 80s. The part that is not shared, a distinct biographical element, is discretely handled and the reader can focus entirely on the self-ironic and humorous part that makes the reading enjoyable for both the ones who lived through that decade and the ones who know little about it.

Angouleme 2011

Hardcomics goes Angouleme!
Find us at "Le nouveau monde" - N53

Hardcomics 10 by Sorian Vazelina. Soon in our shop.

The Book Of George
The Book of George. Our latest project. Find out more here
  On the 4th of April we have the chance of celebrating an event of great momentum: the launch of Hardcomics #9 by Brynjar Åbel Bandlier, titled "Strîmb Life"!
Alexandru Donici nr. 7, Bucharest.
The doors will be opened at 16:00 and the official launch will be held at 18:00.
Your host will be none other than Master of Ceremony Paul de Luxxxe.
You will be able to buy, sell, exchange, talk and eat comics,
and listen to the melodious music of the usual DJs.
So, arrivederci and tra-la-la !

Garantía en instalación de cerraduras con cerrajeros Santa Pola. También apertura de puertas acorazadas.

Hardcomics 8!

Are you sad? Are you unhappy? Do you feel completely miserable, as if your whole life were nothing but a big hole? Are you hopeless and helpless, damaged beyond repair? Well, we've got our own problems, so don't even think of coming to us for moral support. In fact, we've barely got any will left to live.
Yes sirry, that's right! But unlike you sissy pussies out there whining about how nobody loves you, how you've been kicked out of your job and can't pay the rent no more, we are mining our depression resources! During our period of ongoing turmoil and torment we had the extraordinary chance to encounter one creature who was in greater pain than us, on the brink of suicide even: Will, the depressive mouse. He looks like your average Mickey Mouse wanna be: skinny, white, bony ass, big nose, you name it, this mouse has got it all wrong.
If you wanna know what real pain feels like, buy Hardcomics #8 and have a look through the poor mouse's eyes. You'll be happy to be back to your crummy old life once you're done reading!

Dear boys, dear girls,
#7 aka "Your first sexual experience"

You’ve waited inaf.
Hardcomics #7 is here, harder and more dangerous than ever. It smells so fresh one has to hold on to the sink when opening it. It’s anatomically personal, brash and rectangular. And we like it so much we’d like to eat it.
Come help us resist that loving feeling and just drink, blab and celebrate, this Thursday December 20 at Ota (26 Dr. Staicovici). We’re serving #7 hot, in 120 pages of which, not that you’d get bored, 26 in color. In the presence of some of the 31 authors.
We’re starting 08:00 PM.
Be there or burn, baby, burn.


Bonjour, Jolie matin, le joyeux fleur de notre jardin. Anul ăsta, mulțumită încălzirii globale, am sărit peste iarna. direct în primavară. Iata-ne deci, foarte excitați și gata să ne dedăm la perversiuni cu gândul la noul nostru Hardcomics. Ne-am gandit așadar să facem un număr mai picant. Tema Hardcomics 7 este: "prima oară cand ai facut sex". Nu am bătut-o in cuie dar cam asta e zona de interes pentru noua noastra compliație. Formatul și restricțiile sunt ca și până acum: A4, alb/negru, rezoluție mică pentru început (vă contactăm noi pentru varianta hi-res), DEADLINE 30 martie!
Anunțați-vă prietenii și nu uitați, numărul ăsta o sa fie SEXXXXXYY.
Pa și pu la toata lumea,

Baieții si fetele de la Hardcomics




Hardcomics 5!
26/9/2006 @ 6 PM

Dupa succesul coplesitor, faima, si interesul corporativ urias pe care le-am obtinut cu Hardcomics 6, suntem mandri sa va prezentam…Hardcomics 5. Da, ati auzit bine!Noul numar din Hardcomics difera putin de stilul cu care v-am obisnuit pana acum, relevand o latura mai “usoara” a benzii desenate. Misiunea noastra a fost intotdeauna aceea de a promova autori romani de banda desenata, iar in Irina Dobrescu am gasit candidata perfecta. Cartea ei, “Blestemul cartii”, este o adaptare a scurtei povestiri politiste a lui G.K. Chesterton si este printata full colour, pentru satisfactia deplina a ochilor dumneavoastra. Lansarea va avea loc la libraria Carturesti (Strada Arthur Verona nr. 13, Bucuresti), miercuri, 26 septembrie, la ora 18.00.

Ceai si prajiturele pentru toata lumea!

After the astounding success, fame, and huge corporation interest we got with Hardcomics 6, we are proud to present...Hardcomics 5! You heard right, the new issue of Hardcomics differs a bit from our usual style, showing another 'easier' side of comics. Our mission has always been to promote Romanian comic book artists, and in Irina Dobrescu we found the perfect candidate. Her book "Blestemul Cartii" is an adaptation of a short detective story by G.K. Chesterton, and is printed in full colour for all your viewing pleasure. The launching event will take place in Carturesti bookshop on Wednesday 27th of September at 6 o'clock.

Tea and cookies for everyone!

26 mai de la 18h
& 27 mai de la 14h
UNAgaleria (galeria universitatii nationale de arta), str. budisteanu nr.10

Baudoin is a major reference in the world of alternative comics, from Europe all the way to Japan. Published in France by the legendary l’Association from its very beginnings, in Japan by Kodansha, with almost exclusive b/w work, often autobiographical, never dry, in novel-size and artistic paneling, &c. &c., Baudoin is in Bucharest for a one evening exhibition @ the French Institute*, and oui, a workshop for all of you who want to draw or write scenarios
for bande dessinée.
atelierul cu Edmond. Organizat de Jumatatea plina (impreuna cu Ambasada Frantei...)

Babys, just little bit more of patience and soon u will look at our new web site. Meanwhile checkout Carturesti for Hardcomics 6...